Young children are active learners and they construct their understanding of the world through their experiences and interactions with others. Children are intrinsically motivated to play and the Learning Centres in our classrooms allow children to experience both active and quiet activities, teacher-chosen and child-chosen activities and small and large group activities.

We provide a variety of materials in our Learning Centres for your child to manipulate, explore and share.
The Busy Hands 'n' Minds curriculum promotes the development of the whole child and focuses on language, literacy, math, science, creative arts, music, fine and gross motor skills and personal and social development. Our curriculum provides children with a variety of information and topics, with literacy and math skills part of everything that a child does each day. Our programs encourage children to develop their skills and confidence through fun, theme-based units implemented through our learning centres, daily learning circles, crafts and table activities.

Our programs include a nutritious lunch and morning and afternoon snacks which are prepared in our Centre's on-site kitchen. Our menus are planned using Canada's Food Guide and meet the requirements of the Day Nurseries Act. A copy of our menu is posted on each Parent Information Bulletin Board.

Children participate in daily, outdoor playtime which is scheduled for one hour in the morning and one hour in the afternoon, weather permitting. We have a junior and senior playground with age and height appropriate play structures that provide opportunities to climb, slide and socialize. Our outdoor activities introduce small and large group games and develop gross motor skills as children play with balls, scoops and hoops, participate in parachute games, toss bean bags and ride tricycles and scooters. Our outdoor program includes exciting, seasonal activities such as Water Fun Days, Camping, Picnics and Winter Wonderland.

Children are given an opportunity to sleep or rest for approximately two hours each day on their very own cot, before continuing with their afternoon activities. Children requiring less than a two hour rest period may participate in quiet activities.

Our Centre invites various performers and guests throughout the year who amuse the children with their special presentations. We arrange regular fieldtrips for children in our Preschool and Kindergarten programs which complement our classroom themes and curriculum.

Our daily schedule, weekly curriculum and monthly calendar of special events are posted on our Parent Information Bulletin Boards. Developmental Report Cards are sent home twice a year to provide information about your child's accomplishments.


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