Our Preschool Program accommodates 24 children ages 2 ½ to 4 years old. The teacher-child ratio in our Preschool Program is 1:8.

Preschoolers' worlds open up as they begin to improve coordination, combine ideas and engage in more complex learning activities, all while learning about themselves and their friends. Our captivating circle-time activities engage your preschooler in stories, poems, songs, rhymes, games, fingerplays and calendar and weather concepts. Fun thematic-units encourage curiosity, confidence and self-esteem.

We have developed an educational curriculum for our three year old preschoolers which introduces your child to a more structured day. Our curriculum provides a smooth transition for your child into the next exciting phase -Kindergarten! Our Language program introduces letter songs, puppets, alphabet books and reading and writing readiness. Your child will begin to recognize letters of the alphabet, develop vocabulary, understand letter-sound correspondence and identify beginning sounds and rhyming words. Children develop early math skills through our selected Math Program which focuses on one-to-one correspondence, recognition and tracing of numbers, set concepts, sorting, basic geometric shapes, measurement and patterns in their environment.

Our curriculum provides small and large group activities and many manipulatives for hands- on learning opportunities.



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