Each child is an individual with unique interests and capabilities and is deserving of a safe and enriching environment that provides unlimited opportunities for the development of the whole child. Our Childcare Centre encourages discovery, creativity and exploration as children eagerly embrace the world around them.

Busy Hands 'n' Minds combines high quality childcare with a stimulating early learning experience. We strongly believe that education in the early years sets the foundation for lifelong learning. Children are introduced to daily routines, play activities and educational opportunities that support their social, emotional, creative, cognitive and physical growth. Our carefully planned programs promote curiosity, self-expression and allow children to experience learning at their individual level of development. Children participate in a daily curriculum that is challenging, motivating and most of all, fun!

We focus on developing independent and confident children by fostering each child's self-image and feeling of self-worth in warm and nurturing ways . We encourage positive social interactions as children learn to problem-solve, play and share together with their friends.

Parents are an integral part of our Childcare Centre and we are committed to developing relationships of mutual trust, respect and communication so that together we can offer each child maximum opportunities to learn and grow to his or her full potential.


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