Young children are active learners and they construct their understanding of the world through their experiences and interactions with others. Children are intrinsically motivated to play and the Learning Centres in our classrooms allow children to experience both active and quiet activities, teacher-chosen and child-chosen activities and small and large group activities.

We provide a variety of materials in our Learning Centres for your child to manipulate, explore and share.


Circle Time

Circle-Time is a structured, teacher-directed activity which engages children in concrete learning experiences. Children gather in the carpet area and share stories, songs, movement activities, plays, poems, rhymes and cooperative games which complement our thematic units. Our circle-time activities provide a balanced exposure to math, language, science and music.

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Reading & Listening Centre

Imaginations begin to soar as children explore the world of books in our perfect reading nooks. Each classroom has a collection of picture books displayed on height-appropriate book shelves which are rotated regularly to provide children with a variety of themes, topics and maintain interest. Children relax in a soft area with comfortable, multi-coloured furniture, loungers and pillows as their teacher helps them sound out words and make new discoveries. Children may choose to wear headsets at our Listening Centre and listen to favourite stories on CDs while following the pictures and words in their own books.

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Dramatic Play

Our Dramatic Play Centre is designed to support children's language, emergent literacy, mathematical skills, science and social development skills and are an extension of our thematic units.

Children experiment with different environmental print, literature, props and writing material which change according to the classroom theme. They explore both real-life and imaginary roles that they are familiar with in their world.

Our Dramatic Play Centre develops creativity and imagination through a variety of "make-believe" toys.

Children enjoy re-telling stories from circle-time and performing for their friends using classroom puppets in their puppet theatre. They pretend to visit a neighbourhood building (eg. doctor's office, bakery, restaurant, post office, grocery store) and make-believe under different settings, while experiencing a variety of responsibilities.

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Activities in our Manipulative Centre includes puzzles, stringing beads, pegboards, dress-up dolls, stacking toys, lacing, sorting boards and small construction toys.

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Creative Centre

Children develop their visual and sensory abilities as they explore colours, textures and patterns. Our Creative Centre provides many materials to develop the "artist" in your child - construction paper, crayons, paint, markers, glue and safety scissors.

Our Creative Centre is a fun way to develop cognitive skills and eye-hand coordination. Each classroom is equipped with painting easels which allow several children to paint at the same time. Children paint pictures to complement a classroom theme or create masterpieces of their own. Each week, your child will participate in both child-directed and teacher-directed activities as they explore different themes or topics.

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Computer Centre

Our Computer Centre encourages children to work together while they talk about what they see and build visual awareness and vocabulary. Children learn with a variety of educational computer programs that are age-appropriate and enhance the curriculum being taught in the classroom. Children develop pre-reading, language, math, science and problem-solving skills, while building confidence and curiosity through discovery.

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Sensory Centre

Children experiment with their five senses as they explore materials that offer a variety of texture, smell and appearance.

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Science and Discovery

Children magnify, weigh and measure objects, learn with theme-related books and experience a variety of fun science topics.

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Math and Language Centre

This Centre is designed to reinforce math concepts such as number recognition, sorting, counting, addition and subtraction, patterning and shapes introduced in our Math Program. Our language manipulatives focus on letter recognition, letter-sound association, sight word vocabulary, rhyming words and printing skills developed in our weekly Language and Phonics Program.

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Block Play and Floor Toys

This Centre offers a large variety of toys that captivate children's imaginations and provide wonderful adventures while developing decision-making skills, social skills, language skills and independence.

Children build replicas of their world or create from their imaginations while developing mathematical skills such as numbers, size, shape and patterning. They work cooperatively with their friends as they build towers, railroads, communities and structures using a variety of different shaped blocks.

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